Repository 66: A Large Fancy Room Full of Crap


Painting by Catherine Haley Eptsein.

A short Friday post, a humorous interlude as I make my way through the steps of preparing for an exhibit. It’s important to keep things genuine as one writes their artist statement and other fun bits to help (one hopes) the work have context, and yourself have purpose.

My exhibit is in June – for fun I’ve painted my artist statement (above), which is a compilation of horoscopes from a free weekly paper. I’ve done it in the style of Glenn Ligon, and I quite like it.

When editing my work for this particular exhibit, I have spent a lot of time very seriously thinking through everything and looking carefully. To lighten the mood I turn to the Scottish artist David Shrigley. David wanted to name his solo exhibit at the Hayward Gallery “Large Fancy Room Full of Crap”. Unfortunately the show was officially christened as “Brain Activity“. Fortunately the former title is available as a tea towel through Three Drawers Down.


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